1920 Railway Table Brings German Craftsmanship to Northeast Tennessee

  •  April 14, 2024.   Tilman Gecks, a master craftsman trained in the renowned German Guild System

    has unveiled the 1920 Railway Table, a collection of exquisite and versatile dining and conference tables handcrafted in the
    United States. Inspired by the historic German National Railway tables of the late Wilhelmian Era, the 1920
    Railway Table is a unique fusion of history and modern design. Each table is meticulously crafted from seedling
    to sealing by Gecks himself, ensuring the utmost quality and detail.
    Gecks honed his skills in the Hamburg Joiner’s Guild, one of the world’s most rigorous training programs. He
    brings his expertise in joinery, cabinetmaking, woodworking, and carpentry to create these heirloom-quality
    pieces of German Craftsmanship with American Spirit.  “My passion for Appalachian hardwoods and the welcoming
    community in Northeast Tennessee, particularly the ETSU- NETVRIDA Soft Landings program, made this the
    perfect place to establish my workshop and company,” says Gecks, “and I appreciate that Tennessee is a business-friendly state.”
    The 1920 Railway Table seamlessly blends the beauty of hand-crafted Appalachian hardwood with the cool
    elegance of cast iron legs. This unique combination results in a modern piece imbued with the timeless
    character of an antique.
    Customers can personalize their table by selecting from a variety of Appalachian hardwoods and reclaimed
    lumber options. The result is a practical and versatile table that serves not only as a functional centerpiece but
    also as a work of art and a piece of family history.
  • “Tilman Gecks’ exquisite 1920 Railway Tables are a valuable addition to our region,” says Audrey Depelteau,
    director of the ETSU Innovation Lab. “We are proud to have him as part of our International Soft Landings
    network, a collaboration with the Northeast Tennessee Valley Regional Industrial Development Association.”
    Tilman Gecks is a master craftsman specializing in creating heirloom-quality furniture. He combines traditional
    German techniques with high-quality American materials to create unique and lasting pieces. The 1920 Railway
    Table collection celebrates history and craftsmanship while offering a modern aesthetic.
    For more information on 1920 Railway Table visit https://1920railwaytable.com/
    For more information about the ETSU Innovation Lab or the Research Corporation, visit
    https://www.etsu.edu/ilab/ and https://etsuresearchcorporation.org/or contact Dr. Audrey Depelteau
    at 423-439-8535 or depelteau@etsu.edu